EASA Aviation Training

About Us

We are BestFly Aviation School. We own the largest general aviation training aircraft fleet in Europe with more than 20 airplane.We Offer Private Pilot Licence on Cessna 172 only for 6750 Eur. The course takes ca. 5 weeks.  Our company provides very high quality flight training according to EASA standards with very competitive prices. We are dedicated to train the best pilots in Hungary. We also train Turkish, English, Austrian, Bulgarian, Russian, Slovakian pilots. The students we have trained so far are now flying for the famous airlines in their countries as Turkish Airlines. PPL students can fly 3-4 hours a day, PIC time builder pilots allowed to fly up to 6 hours a day.

Video from the moments of our PPL training:

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The Airfield

Kalocsa is a town in Bacs-Kiskun county, Hungary. It lies 142 km (88 mi) south of Budapest. It is situated in a marshy but highly productive district, near the left bank of the Danube River. The airfield we are located is LHKA Kalocsa airfield lies at the North-West side of the city. The runway 17/35 is concrete which is 2500 meters long and 60 meters wide. The runway is suitable only for day operations.


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Our students enjoy the cheerful atmosphere of Alice Panzio, Repter Sorozo which is very close to the airport. There are rooms for up to 4 persons. You can stay alone or with your friend. The prices are very friendly. There is a wonderful bar and restaurant which provides very tasty foods at cheap rates. There are a plenty of amusement options in the city.


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